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Why you need to hire a patent attorney to protect the right over your intellectual property

intellectual property

Patents have become an essential part of any business, whether in India or any other aspect of the world. If you have an invention or creations that have a potential commercial value, you definitely need to protect such invention or innovations by obtaining their patent. Taking the assistance of a reputed patent attorney is a wise way to get the legal and lawful rights over your invention or Intellectual Property. It will give you the assurance & satisfaction that you are the owner of your invention, and it cannot be copied or stolen! So, you can focus on other essential aspects of your business. Let’s discuss why you need to hire a patent attorney in India:


Hiring an expert, experienced and licensed patent attorney for your project is extremely important. The only person who satisfies that qualification and registered under the Patent Act can practice as Patent Attorney in India. Patent Attorneys in India are professional advisors, alike legal practitioners. They give better advice and suggestions on how to protect the client’s intellectual property. The patent attorney is also a qualified lawyer that has passed the State Bar Exam and the Patent Bar exam—qualifying such an exam to enable you to get the license to represent clients before the Patent Offices. They also represent the client’s case at the hearings, filing opposition proceedings or defending an application against an opposition.

patent attorney in India

Knowledge of the process

The most experienced yet leading patent attorney in India understands the process that a patent must go through to get approval. They have a good understanding of the entire process of obtaining a legal patent and explaining the technology that is crucial in the process of obtaining the patent. They have specialized skills, proficient knowledge & experience to draft patent specifications, apply for a patent, and subsequently correspond with the patent office on objections raised. The entire process of getting the Patent right takes an average of two years or even more. They can assist the client in extending the time frame, present the genuine requirements, and consider your invention to get your patent approved!

Dealing with complex issues

The process for applying and getting the patent right can be long and complex. If it is not done in the right way or a small mistake in writing could lead to the loss of legal rights. The method of proper drafting & prosecuting the regular patent application can be challenging. It involves a specific format that is lengthy, complex, and confusing for a common person. It also needs a thorough familiarity with patent laws and regulations. A licensed and experienced patent attorney in India has the skill and experience to tackle the issues quickly.

Superior consultancy

No one will oppose you or prevent you from preparing and filing your application without legal assistance. But there are many benefits to working with or consulting with a patent attorney in India. Patent law is a highly technical yet legal subject. Even if your invention is technically simple, writing a patent yourself can be very risky. So, getting a patent attorney in India to help you is usually a good idea to protect your million-dollar invention or idea. This will surely give you peace of mind!

Legal advice

Professional patent attorney in India understands your invention along with your business goals, commercialization planning. They will also give you a good suggestion on different aspects of the process, such as the type of patent you should obtain when it is needed, if it is necessary to file a provisional application, what to do with the agreements and other related subjects; that come under the same umbrella!

Preparation and execution

Professional patent attorneys in India organize things diligently, prepare & file the concerning documents related to the patent and much more that you need to submit before the patent office. Your patent attorney can provide great assistance in such a situation. You might complete all those tasks by yourself! But making a simple mistake in researching, descriptive writing, and presenting can all be time-consuming tasks. And it is better to leave all such things to a professional patent attorney in India! They will make the entire process smooth!

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