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Some important reasons to have mobile responsive store in today’s competitive market environment

What would you do if you came to know that there is a simple way to enhance your sales, strengthen your customer base and boost your brand? Of course, you will be glad to have such, and we say the easiest way to have all these is to have a mobile responsive store developed by reputed developers.

If you have a look around, you will notice such online platforms have captured the market and are allowing business houses to have more clients, rank higher and earn considerable profit. There are few reasons for such adaptability. Let us look at some of those so that you can also make up your mind to have such a mobile responsive store.

If we look at the number of customers preferring to use such a platform to purchase, we will notice it is ever increasing. So let us now come to the actual reasons that make having a mobile responsive store necessary for business growth and profitability in the present competitive market scenario.

Reasons to have mobile responsive store

Having read through till now, you must be wondering why clients prefer to use mobile responsive stores while doing online shopping. You may also be wondering why customers prefer using a mobile shopping platform to using a desktop site or a mobile browser. So let us see why a mobile responsive store attracts customers more and why you need to have one for your business.

Clients like mobile responsive store to mobile browsers

We often argue what the advantages are that makes such online platforms more preferred than a responsive website. However, there is no doubt about the dominance of such platforms over browsers, as established by various surveys. For example, 78% of users prefer to use a mobile platform to access a store than using a mobile browser. So, by having a mobile responsive platform for your store, you will have access to more potential clients who can turn into satisfied customers of yours.

Mobile platforms boost client loyalty

Clients who download your mobile responsive platform from the very beginning have a higher level of interest in your brand. This is because they come prepared to buy; it is not that they are on your platform to check details or to search for contact details, as happens when they are on a mobile site.

There are definite ways through which you can enhance customer loyalty:

  • You can use the information provided by your customers at your platform to personalize their experience.
  • You can use push notifications to make your clients aware of any product, sales or special offers.
  • You can include exclusive offers which are only applicable for mobile platform users.
  • You can introduce a loyalty program that will allow customers to earn rewards.
  • You can offer 24/7 support to your customers when they use your mobile responsive store. 

Decrease response time

The time required by a mobile responsive store to respond is much faster than that needed for a website. This is because technicalities are involved that make such a mobile platform connect to the survey faster than a site. So, a customer will have a faster response when using such a platform than a site. Moreover, users can set default preferences in the platform and then it will only show that particular customer their choice much faster.

Enhanced UX

The way you put forward your store in front of customers can make or break your sales. A mobile responsive store offers easy navigation to customers enhancing the UX. As there are no irrelevant buttons, customers can easily navigate and have the best user experience. In other words, fewer distractions will help customers check out fast and make them desire to return often to your store to purchase.

Enhanced rate of conversion

As an adequately developed mobile responsive store allows customers to have satisfying UX, simple navigation, and usability, you can expect the best conversions. For example, the conversion rates of such a mobile platform are three times more than that of a mobile site and one and a half times more of a desktop site.

If you desire a professionally developed mobile responsive store and have all the above advantages, it is wise to contact Rocketbuy. Using the platform developed by them, you can expect to have the best online presence, promote business, get online orders, manage customers and products, and track your business. Mail then at [email protected] to know more about their mobile responsive store platform.

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