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Why Bearing Repair Is Ideal For Heavy Industries

According to a leading manufacturer of bearing & power transmission products, the majority of bearings in heavy industrial applications are taken off from service prior to they’ve reached their full useful & economical life.

Fortunately, improvements in bearing design, steel purity, bearing maintenance & repair processes have proved bearing repair to be a helpful way of prolonging bearing lifespan, making it a pocket-friendly alternative to buying new.

The following advantages outline what companies have to gain from selecting bearing repair services over new bearing replacement.

Huge cost & time savings:

The process of bearing replacement is drastically more effective than that of buying a brand new bearing. Repaired bearing can be returned to like-new conditions in about 1/3rd of the time, costing up to 60% less than a new bearing.

Equivalent service life to a new bearing:

The preliminary bearing design takes into consideration the use and application of the bearing and institutes a corresponding prediction for service life & fatigue life. Studies conducted by leading bearing manufacturers & independent researchers have proved that a correctly repaired bearing will run a second service cycle equivalent to that of a brand new bearing.


When compared to the production of a new bearing, bearing repair is known to be a more eco-friendly process, needing less energy input and decreasing raw material intake and waste.

Who are the ideal candidates for bearing repair?

Applications & industries that could benefit from bearing repair service the most are aluminium & steel mills, oil & gas equipment, mining equipment, mobile construction vehicles, power generation equipment, rubber & plastic equipment, pulp and paper mills. While all types of bearing are entitled for repair, irrespective of the original manufacturer, repair is most affordable for bearings at least 8 inches OD.


A quality bearing repair service can upshot in substantial cost and time savings compared to discarding and buying new bearings. Moreover, the lead time for repair is significantly less than that of a new bearing.

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