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So Before We Provide Foreign Aid

We also believe that there should be a flat tax, so all Americans are paying the same. So before we provide foreign aid, or food goes abroad to assist any country in need of food or medicine, all Americans have to have food and medical treatment first and foremost. 7) Human Rights: Every American born here and invited guest to our country should have exactly the same rights of freedom as one another. The money saved there would reduce premiums so that every American can afford to do it. I don’t understand how that can be done, but we’ve been a debtor nation since that time. We take this time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to bring up a very serious issue, or group of issues. Their thoughts are not rooted in logic or caring, they’re rooted in strong religious beliefs with the desire to take our freedoms at any cost. Any charitable contribution to a religious organization should not be a deduction on one’s tax return. 8) Special Treatment: Look at Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jove, who were advised to purchase farms to assist in their tax right offs.

There are still certain organizations that look at atheists as people who should stay in a closet. Once the claim amount and reward exceed the allotted number, the victim could still maintain the right to sue the doctor or the responsible parties personally, having nothing to do with the insurance companies. These institutions should be forced to reduced interest rates on personal loans and business loans, and the insurance companies and oil companies should be forced to reduce their structure by 25%. This will redistribute the wealth and create a more level playing field, rather than playing the dividend game for the wealthy. Both banks and insurance companies are given several different accounting privileges than normal businesses. In addition, many sports franchises are given monopolies. We are constantly talking about Americans debt and our unemployment rate. There should be return to Americans of all funds lent to these institutions at a 1-time payment of $10,000 per citizen of this country. We believe that the royalty fees received should pay for the operation of the company, and at least ½ of the royalties received should be distributed to the citizens of the country in the form of an annual check.

6) Healthcare: This country, נערות ליווי בחדרה נערות ליווי בבת ים בתל אביב through our emergency room setup and clinics provide a wonderful healthcare system to all of our citizens or not. Here’s more about נערות ליווי במרכז look at our site. Again, we look at a system that seems to be unfair because people can’t afford to pay for services. The system has removed the doctor-patient connection and replaced it with physician’s assistants and tiers of specials, all put in place to avoid terrible litigation. 50 years ago, when Social Security was put in, the life expectancy was 55 years old, now its 78. I applaud our doctors and our hospitals. We’re now splitting the profits with the doctors, creating more paperwork with fewer yields. We believe the farmers should produce, and export the food if we have abundance, and bring more Religion and politics revenue and jobs to America. We believe there should be predetermined settlement numbers so that the entire country does not have to pay for the outrageous claims against one area and one individual. We believe the government should go country to country, for those we owe money to, and offset it with the financial support, grants, medicines, and help that America has spent in the last 200 years to these countries.

There should be a law that any bank with influence in the government that traded on inside information obtained through a community hearing should have their license revoked and retained for 5 years. As we have found through recent legislation, most new drugs are forced to present their contraindications, 21babe so we now know that if a woman chooses a birth control pill, or a man chooses to get an erection with the aid of a pharmaceutical, both risk death in the name of sex, or severe side effects. I think it’s important to understand the greed factor here, in order to clarify the rules that have to be changed. 2) There are many problems in our government, for example the FDA, which controls the approval or release of drugs to the marketplace. For example, if a new drug like Viagra is approved by the FDA, it must go through a Congressional Committee prior to release of the information, and during the approval process.

They develop committees to create criteria of approval to create new drugs, using members of the industry, not disinterested 3rd party scientists, to draw these protocols and נערות ליווי ברמת גן approval systems. If the member of that committee knows it’s going to be approved, נערות ליווי בנתניה נערות ליווי בטבריה בשרון they call their brokers and buy the company stock for their own benefit. We believe a new standard, such as food, should be the power behind our dollar and not stock pile new weapons as the basis of strength behind our currency . 4) The occupation on Wall Street has its roots in showing our disgust of the way our financial institutions really work. Look at the fights and challenges that Jason Tory takes on every day. We look forward to your thoughts. We hope that the questions we begin to ask will be answered with sincerity and your thoughts for solutions. Our strong desire to share leaves us with great expectations and beginning a movement for change. An average family of 4 can no longer go to a baseball game for under $400, or a football game for under $800. By getting comments back, and coming up with a final document in 6 months, we can now present to Congress names and signatures, that could possibly make a difference in the world.