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Here’s everything you need to know about using hydroelectric power

Hydropower and pumped-storage hydropower offer crucial benefits to the communities they serve. Hydropower, for example, plays an important role in combating climate change by supplying vital power, storage, and flexibility services.

How hydropower plants produce electricity?

Hydropower plants are generally positioned on or close to a water source, but the energy produced by flowing water depends both on the volume of the water flow and the change in height. This is why hydropower plants need to be built near tall mountains.

In hydropower plants, water streams through a pipe and then rotates the blades in a turbine, which whirls a generator that eventually generates electrical energy.

Listed below are a few of the advantages hydropower can offer!

Hydropower—which, as a form of renewable energy, depends on the water cycle, which is a natural process—isn’t limited by fossil fuel sources.

Hydropower is an eco-friendly source of energy. Unlike power plants that burn fossil fuels such as natural gas or coal, hydroelectricity doesn’t pollute the air.

Hydropower is a domestic source of energy that lets every state generate its own energy without having to rely on global fuel sources.

Hydropower plants can switch on and off, delivering power to the grid instantly. When other sources of electricity fail—usually during major outages or disruptions—hydropower facilities offer indispensable backup power.

Hydroelectric power offers advantages beyond electrical energy production by providing irrigation support and flood control, as well as clean drinking water.

Hydroelectricity offers low-priced electrical energy and durability over time. Its construction outlays can even be reduced by employing pre-existing structures like tunnels, dams and bridges.

Hydroelectric power complements other sources of renewable energy. Technologies like PSH stock energy to use in combination with renewables such as solar and wind power when demand exceeds supply.

Canadian Babbitt Bearing offers a wide range of hydropower solutions to maximize your system’s performance. Our portfolio includes project management, three-phase balancing, complete overhauls, rotor winding and more. We work together to make sure your system delivers optimal results for years to come.

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