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Certain facts that convince us to use plain bearing

Do you know what is common between Boeing, John Deere, General Motors and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration? Apart from being leaders in their field, they all utilize self-lubricating plain bearing. The effectiveness of such bearings can be understood by the fact that NASA has used them in the drill spindle of the Curiosity rover. Even the harsh climate of Mars has not been able to lower its efficiency and Curiosity is exploring the Red Planet since 2012.

When there is a failure or you need to replace traditional bearings, it is the ideal time to think about installing self-lubricating plain bearing manufactured by a reputed manufacturer and repairer in North America who solely focuses on the production of bearing.

Few reasons to use plain bearings

Reading up to this you may be wondering why it is that reputed industrial leaders are using plain bearings and why you also need to use such. Let us see why it is so.

Reduce downtime

You can reduce your maintenance downtime by using plain bearings. There is a significant decrease in housing size leading to substantial saving in space and weight due to the slim, one-piece design of these bearings. You can prevent fitting damage as the installation into the simple machined housing is simple. You cannot expect such when you are using rolling-element bearings. The non-metallic variety of these bearings offers improved corrosion resistance when compared with standard rolling-element bearings.

Avoid the use of external lubricant

The biggest advantage of using plain bearing is that there is no requirement to add external lubricants. Though some plain bearings can require the addition of external lubricants, the quantity is much lower than if you use traditional bearings. Using such a self-lubricating bearing can make your industrial operation on one hand eco-friendly and on the other let you save money.

Other advantages of using plain bearings

You can expect to have higher load capacity along with the best shock load resistance and greater contact zone. It is also expected that plain bearings will last longer than a traditional bearings when used under oscillatory movements. Moreover, you can expect to have compensation for misalignment and vibration damping. It is expected that these bearings have a quieter performance as there are no moving parts. As there are fewer requirements for shaft and housing surface finishes and hardness treatments you can expect to spend less on these aspects.

When to use plain bearings

You now know the advantages of using plain bearing. You may be wondering if it would be wise to use such bearings for your nature of work. In plain terms, you can use plain bearings in instances when something has to move. You can use it in simple hinges present on a maintenance hatch, in shock absorbers of mountain bikes or the piston bearings present in engines. So, in other words, whatever your industrial association, be it with the automobile industry, medical technology, or agricultural and construction machinery, you can use effectively use plain bearings.

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