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CNC Machining For Bearing Manufacturers & Re-Manufacturers

CNC machining is an adaptable and affordable manufacturing process. The compatibility of this process is with a wide range of materials. We notice the use of CNC machines in an assorted selection of industries. Most recently reputed bearing manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities in North America are using this methodology. It is not that the benefits of using CNC machines are advantageous only for the manufacturers but also for their customers.

Let us have a look at the advantages of using CNC machining to manufacture and re-manufacture of bearings.

If we compare the use of conventional machining methods with CNC machines, we notice there are varied advantages of using CNC machines. To name a few, it helps to reduce possible errors as it uses a high level of automation, enhances productivity, and is affordable. Let us see in detail these and other advantages of using CNC machining in the field of manufacturing and remanufacturing bearings.


As the manufacturers can program a CNC machine for performing complex series of functionality, it is possible to step away while the machine does its work. It is also possible to operate the machine without any physical presence of workers and hence manufacturers can increase productivity. Customers can benefit by having their desired bearings within a shorter period.

Elimination of human errors

It is possible to eliminate human errors by using CNC machines. So, when manufacturers use CNC machining while manufacturing and remanufacturing bearings it is possible to produce a replica of bearings that are uniform and faultless. As it is critical to maintaining quality while manufacturing bearings, reputed manufacturers use this methodology to ascertain reliability and quality in their production.


The high rate of output and decrease in mistakes makes it possible for manufacturers to make up the initial cost they have to bear. It is also possible to use these machines with less training. Manufacturers can make bearings at a lower cost and supply high-quality products to their customers.


Using CNC machining it is possible for manufacturers to avoid safety hazards like jams or varied machining errors. This nature of elimination of safety hazards is not possible using open guard machining.


It is possible to re-program a CNC machine easily and manufacturers can produce a different set of bearings having different specifications. This helps to enhance productivity and helps customers to have their products within the stipulated time. The re-programming is not time-consuming or costly.

Ease of replication of products

Conventional machining is best when one needs to manufacture a single custom piece. However, reputed bearing manufacturing and remanufacturing facilities have to manufacture a huge quantity of similar bearings, and using CNC machining it is possible for them to have replicas avoiding human errors. Moreover, using such a methodology there is no requirement for frequent human intervention. All the bearings of a batch will exactly be the same.

Canadian Babbitt Bearing Ltd. uses CNC machining while manufacturing and remanufacturing bearings at their facilities. They also use high-quality Babbitt Process and Insulation Capability, Spin Cast, Static Poured, and Spray to manufacture the best quality bearings. Call them at 519 752 5471 to discuss your bearing requirements.


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