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Why Use a Bridge Tile Saw Instead of Hand Sawing?

For an expert remodeler who works with tile consistently, picking the right saw is perhaps the primary choice to make. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of tile cutting instruments accessible, so the decision can be difficult.

While each expert will have various needs and wants, a bridge tile saw of reputed make can frequently be the ideal device to make it happen. Let us know why it is such.

Accuracy of cutting

Commonly, craftsmen have to move the material back and forth or side to side while using a tile cutting tool. Doing such can lead to inaccurate cutting and can even damage the material. However, with the use of bridge tile saws, the saw moves while the material stays fixed. Therefore, it is possible to have an accurate cut using this device. If you are dealing with porcelain, ceramic and stone tiles, it is vital to maintain accuracy, and it is possible to do so using bridge tile saws.

Best for large-format tiles

Bridge tile saws are bigger than other tile cutting tools. It is not that portable, and you cannot hold it in your hand while using it. The machine has folding legs and wheels to help move it. However, the big size is a benefit when working with large-format tiles. Using a bridge tile saw of reputed makes it possible to have accurate cuts when dealing with large-format tiles.

Versatile in nature

It is possible to change the cutting height of bridge tile saws as it has a plunge effect mechanism. As tile installers have the ability to change the cutting height, it will be possible to work with various materials like ceramic, stone, and masonry. While installing tiles, it is not always that we require simple squares. So, it is best to have a cutting machine that can meet all your cutting needs. Using bridge tile saws, you can have L-cuts, U-cuts, mitring and even create grooves.

High tech instrument

bridge tile saw is a high-tech instrument. Generally, it has a single-phase direct-drive motor of 1.5 HP for having the best power and a thermal overload mechanism to avoid overheating. Moreover, it can have laser-guided cuts so that you can expect to have an accurate cut every time. Many other high-tech features make this device an essential inclusion in your tool kit.

Easy to maintain

The motor of bridge tile saws is more powerful than similar cutting tools. It is beneficial in many aspects, and one of them is the requirement of less maintenance. You do not have to perform daily maintenance even if you use it daily. You don’t need to have to brush and repair it regularly. As it is a wet tile saw, you also do not need to change the blades often.

Less noise

You may be cutting dozens of tiles daily. So, if the cutter is noisy, it will be challenging to work. Though you may be wearing an ear protector; however, having a tile cutter making less noise helps to have a quieter environment. It is possible to have such using bridge tile saws.

So, if the advantages entice you to purchase a bridge tile saw, contact Ceramic Tiling Tools. It is possible to have tiling tools of Raimondi from them. Call them at 00 44 7801979176 to place your order.

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