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What Are Nuclear Turbine Bearings? Get The Answers You Need.

All gas, coal, nuclear, and hydro power plants use turbines to drive the generator. The nuclear power plant will have two turbines in many parts of the world. The process that creates electricity in nuclear power plants relies heavily on industrial turbines. The turbines rely on atomic turbine bearings to function appropriately. They are commonly found in the main shaft of an atomic turbine. The nuclear turbine is supported by two journal bearings that suit its performance and dynamic requirements. The nuclear turbine bearings manage the thrust loads and support the shaft that rotates inside the atomic turbine.

A bearing consists of all the mechanical parts which allow the relative motion in rotation of a shaft line. Inside the bearing, there is a journal bearing that comes with anti-friction Babbitt metal coating. The high-power turbine generator unit rotors are supported by smooth transversal journal bearings fed with oil. It fills the space and runs along the shaft. It is used in turbine-generator units and various shaft lines of turbines that are found in nuclear power plants & heavily loaded areas.

The thrust bearing is an essential nuclear turbine bearing which protects the turbine rotor from the axial thrust. It is based on the theory of oil film lubrication. Thrust bearings transfer the axial load from the rotor to the structure while maintaining the axial position of the rotor in spinning machinery. Rolling element, magnetic, and hydrodynamic bearings are the three basic thrust bearings used in power generation machines or turbines. These are incorporated in small-size turbine generators, and magnetic bearings have been used in custom applications.

The nuclear turbine bearings work with high speed and have a large load. The paths provide support for the long shaft. Therefore, it is required to be safe, reliable & less friction. Operators monitor temperature and vibration during operation to ensure the bearing is adequately greased. In addition, the unit could shut down due to unusual circumstances. Thus it is necessary to keep the bearing safe, reliable & have slight friction.

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