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Is it wise to have a normal mouse or a gaming mouse like the Logitech g502 hero?


For years people have had confusion regarding buying a mouse when they are into gaming. The confusion is whether to buy a normal or the best gaming mouse like the Logitech g502 hero. If you have similar confusion, you are at the right place. Let us know why it is ideal to buy a gaming mouse rather than a standard mouse when you are into gaming.

The points discussed below will make you understand why a gaming mouse stands out from a regular mouse.


The meaning of DPI is dot per inch. DPI indicated how sensitive your mouse is. Typically, a normal mouse has a DPI of 1500; however, a gaming mouse has a DPI of 16000 or above. You may think having a much higher DPI is necessary to play a game. If you are a pro player, you will love using a mouse with a higher DPI. So, the higher DPI of a gaming mouse makes the gaming experience adventurous and exciting. Like if you buy a Logitech g502 hero, you will enjoy the benefits of having Logitech’s accurate sensor along with a DPI of 16000.

Polling Rate

Polling Rate is another aspect that makes a gaming mouse superior to an ordinary mouse. This rate determines how often the mouse lets your PC know about the movement or position change. It is essential to have a mouse with a high polling rate so that your PC can immediately understand the slightest movement. This aspect is helpful to playing a game successfully. So, as a gaming mouse has a higher polling rate, it is ideal to buy such a mouse. Logitech g502 hero has a high polling rate of 1000Hz.

Design and comfort 

The design and comfort are entirely dependent on yourself-preferences. Gaming mice, like from Logitech, have an ergonomic approach. If you read reviews about the Logitech mouse, you can easily understand how comfortable the design is to use the mouse.


If we look into extra functionality, buying a gaming mouse from Logitech is wise. For example, there are more buttons on the mouse to have better control during playing. So, if you desire better control over the game, it is wise to buy a gaming mouse rather than a normal one.


If you buy a gaming mouse, you can have the pleasure of various customization and align the buttons on the mouse with any key that you like. In addition, you can also change the RBG lighting effect. These natures of customization are impossible to think of when you buy a regular mouse.

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