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5 Different Private Party Magic Shows to Host in Singapore

Magic Show for Kids Birthday Singapore

Are you looking for unique type of magic show to host in Singapore? Want to do something exceptional for private party? Generally, private party magic show in Singapore is performed to its perfection with fast paced music, flashy costumes, high technology props, special effects, award-winning magic routines, etc.

Magic Show in Singapore

Here are a few best types of magic tricks a Singapore magician can host for your private party:

1. Roving or Strolling Magic Show
This magic show is fully articulate, interactive and unique form of entertainment. It adds a personal touch to your private events. The roving or strolling magic show is ideal option for breaking the ice and getting your guests talking about the show. This show intends to bring in lots of laughters and true astonishment within minutes as soon as your esteemed guests step in.

The roving or strolling magic show takes around five to fifteen minutes for every group of guests at your events. It has little or no set up – which is not limited by venue or number of members. This show can be customised as per your requests.

You can consider hosting this private party magic show in Singapore for cocktail receptions, corporate and private parties, networking events, weddings, corporate tradeshows, or any special events that need roving entertainment.

2. Stage Magic Show
This magic show is visually appealing, entertaining and engaging. The stage magic show engages the audience through clean comedy and collaborations through unique magic tricks. It’s a perfect alternative to entertain family audience.

You’ll be happy to see your VIP guests participating in a trick or two on stage. This private magic show takes approximately 25 minutes and is ideal for up to 400 people without live feed. It’s highly recommended for dinner, dance, road shows, tradeshows or any events that require entertainment on stage.

3. Dinner Table Show
This magic show is up close and personalized. The show brings in award-winning close-up magic to your dinner table. The dinner table show is specifically designed for intellectual and sophisticated audience. It will deliver mind-boggling miraculous experiences right in front of your eyes.

This magic show takes up to 25 minutes and is perfect for up to 20 people. You show can be customised as per your request. The dinner table show is highly recommended for any type of private parties, including birthdays, wedding engagement, wedding proposal, New Year celebrations, etc.

4. Virtual Magic Show
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the customisable virtual magic show is the new trend considered for private parties or corporate events. Your Singapore magician will work closely with you and deliver outstanding results for sure. Schedule a free consultation for a private party magic show in Singapore and let them serve you only the best in the industry.

5. Customised Magic Show
Are you planning for an incredible wedding proposal? Or thinking novel like concepts for your corporate tradeshows and business exhibitions? And looking for a unique way to host your corporate trainings? Whatever your requirements are, your professional magician will throw a customised magic show as per your personal requirements and preferences.

Bottom Line –
Do you really like to throw private party magic show in Singapore? If yes, then you should look no further than Magic of Ian Singapore. Ian intends to deliver a fully personal and enchanting experience for audience and is dedicated to focus on your esteemed guests. Feel free to contact us right now and let us schedule a free consultation for a private party magic show in Singapore.

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