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Magic is loved by all be it, kids or adults, right? So, how about entertaining your guests at your party with magic this time? Yes, a magical party awaits you.

Enjoying magic is what we all love to do. Even learning magic is what viewers are curious about every time. If you are planning a corporate party or a party for your kid, magic will make the event charming.

Magician in Singapore

Get ready to create a memorable party, a magical party to etch on everybody’s mind. All you need is True Vine Kids Magic to organize a spectacular magical party. We have got you covered, don’t worry.

We are a very popular entertainment agency in Singapore. Hire us and create unforgettable party experiences. We have handled so many parties till now and have always satisfied clients by exceeding their expectations.

We have the best magicians to make your special day fun and interesting for everyone at the party. Choose us to enjoy magical tricks by professional magicians of Singapore.

We have a wide range of packages to offer, at transparent prices. We work hard to meet every requirement of clients. Apart from magical party service we also offer a very creative balloon sculpting service.

Fun Magic Show in Singapore: We have an exciting service to enhance the fun of a party.

Now, take a look at our different packages available. Feel free to talk about our packages.

Interactive Magic Show for Kids – This is best suited for children of age 4-12. This package comes with a professional sound system. It will be a completely interactive show. It is perfect for any type of kid’s party.

Mini-Theatre Magic Show For Kids – It is suited for 4-12 inclusive. It comes with a full theatre magic set. A theatre will be brought to your place. Sounds very interesting, right? Yes, it is. This includes modern illusions along with a theatre settings. This also covers a professional sound system along with a backdrop. The best part is customization is available.

Stage Magic Show for family day & carnivals – This package is for companies, RCs, and CCs organizing family days & carnivals. This covers a 30 minute full magic show for family coupled with comedy.

Closeup/Roving Magic Show – This is suited for 10 & above. Your little grown kids will experience sleight-of-hand and mind-boggling illusions. This will be delivered by award-winning magicians.

Virtual Magic Shows – This includes a magic show of 30 minutes for both kids or adults.

Contact us today to book the magic show for your special celebration.

You will be experiencing magics by very popular magicians. We would be happy to serve.

Contact us today itself and decide the package to book. Your party will be all about magic to enjoy.

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