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Empowering Well-being: NDIS and Gardening Services Explained

Gardening is not just a pastime; it’s a therapeutic and rewarding activity that offers physical, mental, and emotional benefits. For individuals living with disabilities who are part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), gardening can play a significant role in improving their quality of life. However, understanding how NDIS funding can be used for gardening services is crucial.

What is NDIS Funding?

The NDIS is an Australian government-funded initiative designed to offer assistance and services to individuals with disabilities. It’s designed to empower participants to lead fulfilling lives, achieve their goals, and maximize their independence. NDIS funding is provided to participants to cover various supports and services, depending on their individual needs and goals.

Gardening Services Under NDIS

Many NDIS participants find immense value in incorporating gardening into their support plans. Gardening services can offer a range of benefits, including physical activity, sensory stimulation, and opportunities for social interaction. Here’s how NDIS funding can be used for gardening services:

Support Coordination

Support Coordination: If you require assistance in managing your NDIS plan, you can allocate funds for support coordination. Support coordinators can help you find suitable NDIS Approved Gardeners in your area or contact us.

Core Supports

Assistance with Daily Living: Gardening often falls under the “Assistance with Daily Living” category. NDIS funding can cover the cost of a support worker or NDIS Approved Gardeners who assist with tasks like planting, weeding, and maintaining your garden.

Capacity Building

Improved Daily Living Skills: If you aim to develop gardening skills and enhance your independence, NDIS funding can be used for gardening lessons and workshops.

Specialized Equipment

Assistive Technology: Participants with specific gardening needs can use NDIS funding to purchase assistive technology or adaptive gardening tools. These tools can make gardening more accessible and enjoyable.

Steps to Access NDIS Funding for Gardening Services

You can contact us if you need Gardening Service under NDIS or you can follow below steps. NDIS Plan Development: Collaborate with your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) to craft a plan that incorporates gardening as a form of support.

  • Budget Allocation: Within your plan, allocate a portion of your NDIS budget to cover gardening services. This can be done under the relevant funding categories.
  • Choose a Provider: Find NDIS Approved Gardeners in your area. Ensure they understand your specific needs and can work within your budget.
  • Regular Review: Your NDIS plan is typically reviewed annually. During these reviews, you can assess whether gardening services continue to align with your goals and needs.
  • Contact ADACSS, your NDIS approved gardeners, and let’s embark on a journey to create a garden that suits your unique needs and aspirations. Our team is well-versed in NDIS funding and assistive technology, ensuring your gardening experience is barrier-free and fulfilling.