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How to Hire a Professional Balloon Decorator for Your Event

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Admit it, you love balloon sculptures. Well, who doesn’t? Regardless of whether you are just eight years old or eighty, the elite art of balloon sculpting excites people of all ages and is exactly the ‘wow’ factor you require to make your event a big hit.

Balloon sculpting has always been the most renowned entertainment for kids’ birthday parties. Almost all birthday parties include balloon decorations as they represent celebrations and happy occasions, thus it is something not to be missed out on when organizing a party!

Hiring an artist who specializes in balloon sculpting in Singapore is the best way to get magazine quality decor. Whether you are looking to spruce up a single room or bring an entire venue to life, professional balloon sculptures have the skills essential to make it happen.

Not just any balloon decorator will suffice, hence it is critical to ensure you appoint the right professional. Follow these tips listed below when searching for the best balloon sculptor in Singapore.

balloon sculpting service in Singapore

Detail your project:
If you are looking to host a big event, it is vital to share clear ideas with potential decorators during the consultation process. Note down as much information as possible, for example:

● Budget: It is critical to know how much you want to spend beforehand.

● Themes: Example, under the sea or whimsical forest

● Time frame:What time will the event start, how long will it last , how much time is needed to build the structures?

● Location: Where will the event take place? Indoor or outdoor? Private home or public venue?

● Restrictions: Are there any special instructions relating to the venue; no helium, no latex allowed, low ceilings, etc.

Outlining the details as such themes & color schemes will aid you when finding a professional balloon decorator who can deliver and meet your expectations.

Research local decorators:
As soon as you’ve prepared a general plan for your event, you need to look for an experienced balloon decorator in your locality. When browsing, take your time to read reviews, check ratings and look through their portfolio. This will provide you with a better insight of what to expect from each local decorator.

Call for a consultation:
Your research will aid you in narrowing down the list of pro balloon sculptors to contact. Schedule consultation with at least 2 professionals so that you can compare their designs and costs. Some decorator will give a free-of-cost consultation, whereas others may impose a fee.

Steer clear of decorators who quote hard-to-believe prices without a great deal of details or are reluctant to put anything in writing as they may not commit to that pricing.

We have now covered all the details needed to find a professional decorator who offers top-quality balloon sculpting in Singapore. Best of luck!

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