What Makes Mediation a Better Conflict Resolution Process!

Mediation and conflict resolution have become a prime topic as many organizations have benefitted from using mediation saving time, costs and resources. As the mediation process is highly confidential it makes the conflicting parties feel comfortable to speak out their perspectives clearly while trying to understand the other party’s point of view. Moreover, the mediator involved is unbiased which further makes the process convenient and helpful.

Regardless of the complexity of the matter, mediation turns out to be a powerful tool for assisting parties to resolve their issues and find a way to move forward positively. Let us take a look at the different advantages that make mediation one of the best conflict resolution methods.

Less Expensive and Time-Saving

As compared to judicial proceedings, mediation is less expensive as it does not involve the appointment of legal counsel and the many applications regarding preliminary actions with the court and the actual court proceedings.. Mediation is also quicker because of minimal legal formalities and procedures. The mediator works with the conflicting parties in a confidential setting where a mutual agreement is made avoiding the time-consuming evidence which hence saves time and resources.

Flexible and Creative Solutions

As there is no particular procedure set for mediation, it provides the parties access to a wide range of outcomes. Mediators have their own unique styles that are often amended as per the requirements of the specific case. Moreover, many times the solutions achieved through the process of mediation aren’t possible through the legal proceedings. Both the conflicting parties work together to resolve the dispute among themselves and have the freedom to formulate customized solutions as per their requirements.

High-end Confidentiality and Privacy

All the information and evidence presented during the process of mediation are kept confidential hence apart from the involved parties and the mediator no one has access to the mediation proceedings. Data provided to the mediator cannot be used for any other purpose apart from helping the mediator to reach an appropriate resolution.

Restoration of Relationship

In conventional court proceedings often one of the parties gets blamed which often becomes disadvantageous to the relationship of the parties. While in the court proceedings the decision is imposed on both the parties which tends to result in winners and losers, in mediation a mutually acceptable or beneficial solution is made. Also, the relationship between the parties is often restored by the process of mediation as it maintains the interests of both parties.

Control and Dominance

The conflicting parties have the power to choose the time, location, and duration of the mediation process. On the other hand in court proceedings, the court sets the schedule which is needed to be adhered to by everyone making it often an inconvenient procedure. In mediation, there are no opponents but collaborators who strive to find a resolution that is acceptable or beneficial to both parties.


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