You Should Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution

Do you want closure on something with someone, an acceptable resolution, an opportunity to be heard and understood, and all without going to court? If yes, you need to consider alternative dispute resolution. This option will provide you with a better option while potentially saving you money, time, and emotional toil.

This process allows a third party to help with the decision-making. A great choice would be to work with a professional mediator with experience in mediating between both parties and helping them come up with an alternative that works for them. Here are a few reasons why mediation may a good alternative for you to help resolve disputes:

Better Option than Going to Court –

You must be aware that court battles can go on for a long time and can carry on for years in complex situations. Litigation can include different legal procedures, motions, depositions, expert analysis, reports, and testimony, which can be expensive to settle this type of dispute in the courts. The expenditures are more for complex issues.

An alternative dispute resolution process is far less expensive than going to court. It is usually a small fraction of the cost of going to court. That’s why you should sincerely consider mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution.

Minimize Stress –

For litigation, you need to make the effort to be in attendance in court. This means that you have to take days off from your duties at work. Hence, you will be away from your work which may impact negatively your work. The emotional stress that comes with litigation can affect your work and work-related interactions at work which can cause a wrong impression on the minds of your clients, customers, peers, and subordinates.

In short and simple words, litigation of any type is a stressful endeavor. Use alternative dispute resolution with the assistance of a professionally qualified mediator to minimize your stress level. Simply being heard can make a significant difference in minimizing your stress.

Better Approach to Story Narration –

An impartial mediator during alternative dispute resolution will hear the dispute-related information from both parties. The mediator will ask the right questions, empathize, summarize, paraphrase and suspend judgments to help both parties to express themselves. You will have an opportunity to express your views and you will hear the other party in a safe and neutral environment.

 Confidentiality –

A real advantage to mediation over going to court is confidentiality.  The alternative dispute resolution process with a qualified mediator happens behind closed doors and remains confidential. By comparison, going to court puts everything in the public domain.  It can be a significant element for one or both parties. Though both parties have confidential conversations, parties may intend to share other interests that are not readily apparent before the mediation.

Dispute Resolution

Mediation helps you save money, minimize stress, allow you to tell your story, and consider the point of view of both parties. When thinking about mediation, you should consider hiring a qualified mediator. An experienced mediator with specific experience in your concerned area can ask the right questions and provide insights to both parties. The process helps in clarifying issues, promoting understanding, and facilitating closure.

Bottom Line –

When you need help with alternative dispute resolution, you should rely on a qualified mediator i.e. Mike Gregory Consulting, LLC. For more information about our mediation process, please contact us at (651) 633-5311.

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