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Courses With Permanent Residence Path – Clear The Road Ahead with IEAA

Australia is a top destination for international students seeking higher education. Thanks to its strong academic programs, career-building internship opportunities, and thriving economy. The country provides a supportive environment for students to excel academically and launch their careers through structured education & internship programs. Moreover, Australia offers clear pathways to permanent residency. It enables students to secure work rights and job opportunities after graduation. Australia is an ideal place for international students to gain world-class education and skills that lead to fruitful careers. Its robust economy, positive work culture, and abundance of employment prospects entice students around the world!

Australia is well-known for its excellent education system. It offers top-rated universities and abundant part-time work opportunities for international students. As a result, many international students pursue permanent residency (PR) in Australia after finishing their studies. Do you wish to hold a Student Visa (Subclass 500), Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485), or other eligible education visa in Australia? The international education experts at Agency Australia can guide you through it. They also help you in the permanent residency application process.

Student Visa Agency Australia

Eligible candidates seeking permanent residency in Australia should choose a course that leads to a career pathway. The international education agency in Australia can guide joining numerous high-demand courses. Some of them are:


Australia is a leader in engineering and manufacturing. The role of engineer is in high demand across the country. Many students come to Australia each year to study engineering. They are aiming to gain the qualifications needed for permanent residency. The occupations most in need include chemical, materials, civil, geotechnical, electrical, electronics, mechanical, aeronautical, agricultural, environmental, and industrial engineering roles. Graduates have a strong chance of securing engineering jobs in Australia through the skilled migration program conducted by the International education agency Australia.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The demand for technology worldwide has opened up many opportunities in the information and communications technology (ICT) field. Specializations in hardware, software, networking, security, website development, and other technology domains are in high demand. To meet industry needs, there is a consistent rise in demand for ICT graduates from different courses and degree programs. The key ICT occupations in demand include ICT business analyst, systems analyst, analyst programmer, developer programmer, software engineer, computer network and systems engineer, software tester, ICT support engineer, and web developer.


Accounting and auditing degrees are some of the most popular programs for international students looking to study in Australia. The country attracts accounting students from around the world, many of whom come to earn undergraduate or graduate degrees in the field. Several accounting professions, including accountant, management accountant, taxation accountant, external auditor, and corporate treasurer, are listed as in-demand occupations on Australia's skilled occupation lists for prospective immigrants.

Nursing and Medicine

In Australia, the demand for medical and nursing professionals continues to rise. Students interested in nursing and medicine can pursue such courses. 


Australia is a top global travel destination. The tourism industry offers immense opportunities for food and dining establishments. It motivates hospitality and culinary students passionate about serving delicious food and providing exceptional service to guests. Career paths for hospitality and culinary graduates include working as chefs, cafe or restaurant managers, caravan park and camping ground managers, hotel or motel managers, licensed club managers, bed and breakfast operators, accommodation and hospitality managers, bakers, and pastry cooks.

Education and Training

As an education hub of the world, Australia has a high demand for teachers and training staff across all levels of schooling. International students help meet this demand by pursuing careers in teaching, including early childhood, primary, secondary, special needs, university, vocational, and translation teachers. The statement "teachers have a profound impact on your future" holds in Australia. It is where the teaching profession continues to grow and offer opportunities.

The International Education Agency-Australia (IEAA) is committed to helping, guiding and counselling international students to achieve their goals in their respective fields. They are the leading international education agency in Australia that helps you explore the opportunities.