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How To Find An Education Agent For Your Need And How They Can Help You

education agent sydney

Australia has a comprehensive education & other visa application procedure! However, by receiving proper guidance, you can effortlessly handle the entire process. Are you an aspiring student aiming for quality education in Australia? Working with an education agent in Sydney can be a great idea! They have an in-house team with the most experienced Student visa consultants.

Have you thought about reaching out to an educational consultant to assist you with the application process for universities in Australia? If you have, you’re not alone. More than 75% of international students in Australia were referred to universities by education agents. But there are some things you should keep in mind before you do. Let’s explore exactly how an education agent can help, and how to find one that’s right for you. 

education agent sydney

What is an education agent? 

Are you preparing to study in Australia? There are many considerations, including choosing courses, securing housing, obtaining visas, and arranging travel. Throughout this complex process, education agents provide invaluable support. 

The education agent in Sydney offers current details on universities and programs and demystifies admissions procedures. They assist with applications and sometimes help organize travel and accommodations. They are different from migration agents. However, the International Education Agency-Australia (IEAA) plays a multiple role and gives legal advice on Australian immigration if necessary.

How to find an education agent 

Have you already selected the institution you wish to attend? If not then take the help of authorized education agents in Sydney. You can find a list of authorized education agents on the university’s websites as well. These agents are recognized and vetted by the university to represent them. Universities partner with education agents worldwide. 

Why It Is Wise To Work With an Experienced Education Agent?

Education agents in Sydney support thousands of international students each year. They can help you to: 

Choose the right institution for you 

Education agents are well-versed in the Australian university landscape. This knowledge allows them to guide you toward the university that best fits your needs and preferences. For instance, if nursing is your desired field, they can recommend the top programs. Or if you prefer a smaller city, they can suggest suitable campuses that align with your lifestyle.

education agent sydney

Reduce the stress of applying to university 

Applying to universities can be overwhelming! So education agents help minimize some of the burden by assisting with well-prepared applications. Some universities prefer to work directly with agents during the application process.

Organize a study tour 

In some cases, education agents can also assist in arranging a study tour of Australia (when it is safe and permitted to travel again). These tours allow interested students to visit Australia, learn more about university options, experience Australian culture firsthand, and sometimes take English language courses to prepare for studying abroad.

What To Keep In Mind Before Hiring An Education Agent

Not everyone chooses to collaborate with an education agent. However, if you opt to do so, certain aspects should be taken into consideration.

Many agents work on commission  

Some education agents charge a fee! But many do not because they receive a commission from the institution if they enrol. Although agents are knowledgeable about the few universities they represent. They may try to steer you toward those institutions rather than provide an unbiased overview of all programs available in Australia. Therefore, research agents thoroughly beforehand to ensure their services align with your goals.

education agent sydney

Stay alert for fraud 

The education agent market is not immune to fraud. Therefore, it is crucial to remain vigilant. For example, according to Study Australia, it is wise to verify the credentials of any agent you contact to ensure they are authorized to represent a university.

ConclusionDo you want to learn more about studying in Australia?  The International Education Agency – Australia team is the solution for your search. They have more than two decades of experience in placing international students into Australian schools, colleges and universities. Check out and learn how the team at International Education Agency-Australia (IEAA) can offer a more personalized service to qualify.